Adjusts, Assists & Sequencing Strategies For Yoga Teachers – December 15th

Spend the day at the rustic getaway, Rundle’s Mission Lodge in Pigeon Lake, Ab with Mandy McPherson and other teachers in our yoga community. The morning will begin with an in depth look at beginning adjustments & assists and the difference between the two. Nothing to fear here, you will learn basic and safe adjustment techniques and have plenty of time to practice on other teachers and ask questions. Mandy believes in 3 things when it comes to adjusting students: Will you improve their experience? Do you feel confident? Does the student want an adjustment? This course will encourage you to adjust from a alignment & “end feel” based approach, and encourage student feedback. The main postures you will practice adjusting will be downward facing dog, forward folds, twists, balancing, warriors & headstand.

Included as well is learning different ways to assist students with personal cuing, demos and prop assistance. Now it’s time for LUNCH! Chef Kat is preparing a 3 course menu for vegetarians, vegans andomnivores, alike! Please email with menu preference. The afternoon session will be all about sequencing. Have you ever been to a yoga class and felt like it was so flowy, brilliantly orchestrated and left your body and mind feeling satisfied? This was a teacher who KNOWS how to craft amazing sequences. Teachers will work together in group to build several sequences they can take and use right away. Mandy McPherson is known for dynamic and creative classes that are ever changing and always feel fresh. She will share some secrets on how to build a better sequence, what peak poses are and how to build up to them, and of course how to design themes, create intentions and add those bits of flavour to a class that make you a memorable and sought after teacher. *This workshop is designed for active Yoga Teachers with their 200 Hour certification.

Saturday, December 15th, 2018
9:00 – 5:00pm
120$ + GST to register
with Mandy McPherson
Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

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