Alethea Latta

My yoga journey started out as purely physical practice for me, as it does for many.  It made me feel great and look great and it made me stronger and more flexible.  Yet, as time went on, I began to notice a subtle shift in my mind as well, a sense of calmness in yoga class that would follow me out into my day.  It was as though there was more space created in, not only my body but my mind and heart as well.  There was less struggle and more acceptance, less judgment and more compassion, less doing and more being.  The impact on myself and my family was profoundly positive and I made the decision to become a yoga teacher to deepen my experience and share that experience with others.

I was an elementary, special needs teacher for many years prior. When my youngest child was born I chose to stay at home with my husband and children and devote more time to the important things in life, but I missed teaching. I also knew in my heart that I wanted to share yoga with others, so when the opportunity came up to take my teacher training at That Yoga Place, I did it! How brilliant to be able to combine the two things I love to do – teaching and yoga!  And how awesome that I would be able to do it so close to home, at my favorite studio!  I am so grateful for this amazing adventure I am on and this opportunity to share yoga with others! I love the fact that yoga is a never-ending journey of self-discovery with no particular destination and I look forward to the next leg of my journey!