Alex Christman


For me, yoga started out as a last resort. Throughout my childhood, I was a competitive show jumper, spending hours riding horses.  Later on, I became a runner and enjoyed lifting weights at the gym. Then I abruptly developed chronic fatigue. I struggled with my desire to remain active and healthy when my body was giving out. Yoga was suddenly the only activity that I could do without totally exhausting myself and seriously compromising my health. Over time, yoga became a refuge from the stress and uncertainty in my life. Eventually, the cause of my extreme fatigue was diagnosed and treated, however, yoga had become an integral part of my life. Once recovered, I jumped back into active life, teaching fitness classes and found I had a passion for teaching. During this time I continued to practice and became fascinated with the physical aspect of yoga and the role it played in my recovery. In my quest to learn more I started digging into the mental aspect and began a study of yoga. This leads me to take my teacher training through Prana yoga studio.  Through my journey, I developed the desire to teach and share the practice that is steadily changing my life.