Candlelight Yin

Level: All levels
Temperature: *30°C

Description: Yin is a beautiful compliment to the more physically dynamic classes that we offer (such as Yoga for Strength, Hot Flow and Hot Flow Level 2). This class emphasizes an opening and stretching of the myofascial and muscle tissues. This lovely lengthening allows the joints to decompress, open and exhale a sigh of relief! This class takes the time to set up postures comfortably and once this is achieved, breath work is used to deepen the practise. Unlike the Hot Yin class, Candlelight Yin has the warm glow of candles creating a calm and soothing atmosphere and the use of props such as bolsters and padded cushions are encouraged. Feel free to bring a couple of extra towels to class and any other personal props you would like to use. If you have never tried a Yin class, and are looking to relax, relieve tension and tightness, and walk out feeling brand new, this is the class for you!