Class Descriptions

  • Ashtanga Yoga

    Levels: All levels
    Room Temperature*

    Description: This class is a strong moving meditation practice – it develops body awareness and flexibility, quiets the mind and works on our balancing capabilities through a set of postures and breathing techniques. In 60min we will move through the first half of the Ashtanga Primary series (sun salutations, standing, seated postures, inversions and closing cooling down asanas). It will bring you energy and a feeling of bliss for the whole day to come. Variations are always available! Some experience is recommended but not required. join us Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am.

  • Candlelight Yin

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *30°C

    Description: Yin is a beautiful compliment to the more physically dynamic classes that we offer (such as Yoga for Strength, Hot Flow and Hot Flow Level 2). This class emphasizes an opening and stretching of the myofascial and muscle tissues. This lovely lengthening allows the joints to decompress, open and exhale a sigh of relief! This class takes the time to set up postures comfortably and once this is achieved, breath work is used to deepen the practise. Unlike the Hot Yin class, Candlelight Yin has the warm glow of candles creating a calm and soothing atmosphere and the use of props such as bolsters and padded cushions are encouraged. Feel free to bring a couple of extra towels to class and any other personal props you would like to use. If you have never tried a Yin class, and are looking to relax, relieve tension and tightness, and walk out feeling brand new, this is the class for you!

  • Candlelight Yoga

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *30°C

    Description: This gentle evening class is a lovely way to end your day. Integrate breath and movement as you tone and stretch the body and bring the mind to a point of stillness. This class offers variations in every posture so that you can cater the practise to your own liking. Enjoy the soothing candlelit atmosphere and wonderful relaxation this class has to offer.

  • Family Yoga

    Level: All levels
    Room Temperature*

    Description: A yoga class for the whole family to enjoy. This class will explore sun salutations, standing poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques. With partner poses and other fun interactive yoga activities, it is an opportunity to bond with your family.  Recommended for ages 4 and up.


  • Hatha Slow and Stable

    Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention
    to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present
    in the unfolding of each moment.  In our Hatha class, we will move through the postures
    slowly with longer hold time in order to enable you to work through the layers of your practice
    giving you plenty of time to develop strength, alignment and truly explore your breath. As one
    practice’s hatha yoga techniques, one’s physical and mental health potential begins to increase and unfold –
    and the real goal of yoga, to discover and experience the universal spirit within and let it come to the surface.

    This class is appropriate for all levels

  • Hot Flow

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *38°C

    Description: Flow yoga is designed to link movements with fluidity and breath. The Hot Flow class will help you build core strength, work on balance and improve flexibility. Here you can cultivate the foundation of your yoga practise through breath and movement. The heat offers a unique dynamic, supporting a deep, safe stretch to the connective and musculature tissues, and facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body, boosting the immune system. Drink lots of water and prepare to sweat!

  • Meditation

    Level: All levels
    Room temperature*

    Description: In the last century science has proven the brain is elastic and therefore able to be trained and molded. This idea however is far from being a revelation. Buddhist monks and serious yoga practitioners did not require science to prove what they have been practicing and benefiting from for thousands of years. The enormously powerful skill of meditation was not cultivated to be under utilized in the simple management of stress and relaxation. It was practiced and perfected to gain deep insight into the workings of mind and into the nature of perception and reality. In order to understand how to establish an effective practice we will spend a small amount of time on the methodology. However, the majority of time will be spent in practice as it is here where meditation has the power to transform our lives.

  • Restorative Yoga Class

    Levels: All levels
    Room Temperature*

    Description: This is a gentle, extremely relaxing class designed to calm, soothe and support the body and mind. With the use of props, poses will be moved into and held for 5-10 minutes, allowing the body to soften and ease stiffness from the joints and muscles in a completely supported way. The class is great for relieving stress and tension and will restore you to a deeply calm and relaxed state when you leave.

  • Strong and Stable

    A “Strong and Stable” class is a fun way to push your body and mind by working on strength.
    Jay will incorporate a wide variety of basic and complex yoga postures, oftentimes in repetition
    or isometric holds. This class is challenging and invigorating, however with personal modifications,
    an open mind and trust in yourself, anything is possible.
    You are stronger than you think!!!  Come explore your untapped mental and physical strength
    with Jay. This class is open to all levels but would not be recommended if you are not physically active
    or you are new to yoga.

    This is a drop-in class!


  • Sunrise Yoga

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *38°C

    Description: What better way is there to awaken the body, bring the mind into clarity and let the spirit rest than with a beautiful salutation to the rising sun? Enjoy this hot yoga class to stretch your limbs, awaken your muscles and set a great pace for the rest of your day!

  • Warm Flow

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *30°C

    Description: A wonderfully flowing class with the same integration of breath and movement as Hot Flow, in a warm room instead of hot. Explore a variety of postures through breath and movement, building strength, gaining flexibility and developing stillness within.

  • Warm Flow & Meditation

    Level: All levels
    Temperature: *30°C

    Description: This class is a fusion of meditation and flowing postures combined with intentional breathing. Allow your mind to turn inwards and relax, and the body to develop strength and flexibility.

  • Warm Gentle & Soft Flow

    Level: All levels (especially designed for beginners)
    Temperature: *30°C

    Description: This class is our entry point for beginners. Warm Gentle is a slower paced class which allows one to learn the coordination of breath and movement, that key ingredient to a great yoga practise. Focus is on safety and correct technique, making it a relevant class for intermediate practitioners as well. Learn to set up postures properly, achieve correct alignment and build a strong foundation for your practise!

  • Yoga Core

    Level: All Levels
    Temperature: *37°C

    Description: A workout inspired class combining elements from a power yoga class with EXTRA CORE and REPETITIONS to build heat. This class will include everything you would expect to see in a yoga class, warm up, CORE, standing poses, arm balances, twists, CORE, backbends, inversions, seated poses and yes more CORE. Expect to see the addition of repetitions like lunges, leg lifts, one legged squats, spider-man planks, donkey kicks, and more shakti jumps to get your heart pumping. It should challenge everyone at any level, but remember you can take breaks whenever you need to, rejoin the class when you can-BUT keep trying. The class will be very similar each time, so that you know what to expect and maybe see some progression in your fitness level over time. Curious yet? Looking for a challenge? Then you might want to try this Yoga Core class!


*Class temperatures may vary slightly as they are affected by many variables, including the number of people in the room and the pace of the class. The target temperature sought for each class is posted above. Also, individual body temperature fluctuates and can impact how hot the class feels.

The recommended minimum age for hot yoga is 14.

Attending hot yoga classes while pregnant is not recommended.

Remember to drink lots of water!