Divine Spine – January 27th

Backbends don’t come easy, they take practice, consistency and patience. Unlike some postures, we cannot muscle our way or force our way into deepening backbends, we need to gently coax our bodies into them.
There was a time that I felt my body would never go any deeper until I started introducing props such as balls, foam rollers, straps, a yoga wheel and wall, into my regular practice. I am now seeing some progression and want to share this practice with you.

Please bring a foam roller if you have one, I will bring some small balls and my own personal yoga wheel for you to play with.
Note***That Yoga Place currently has them for sale and I personally feel this is an invaluable prop to my backbend practices.

Be prepared for a short Vinyasa practice to warm the body, followed by some long holds, ending with prop work and our final attempt at our peak poses such as the Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

Saturday January 27th, 2018
$40 + GST 
with Connie McNeice
Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

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