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    That Yoga Place 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance

    image001Yoga is a system of going further within yourself on every level that you can think of. Whether you are looking to grow your awareness of the postures experientially, explore the application of yoga on and off the mat, or learn to teach yoga classes, this program will challenge, inspire and prepare you to do just that. With strong emphasis on practicing the asanas (postures), meditation and pranayama (breath control) as well as on teaching methodology, your practice and understanding of yoga will expand.

    Primary Areas of Study

    • 008Teaching Methodology: includes in-depth posture analysis, cuing, adjustments, alignment, sequencing and class plans, qualities of a teacher, students’ process of learning and the business of yoga.
    • Techniques, Training & Practice: Includes modules in ashtanga, yin and restorative styles of yoga with an emphasis on vinyasa. Other modules include meditation, pranayama, 5 Tibetan Rites, mantras, mudras and kriyas.
    • Anatomy & Physiology: Includes injury prevention, major systems in the body and the effect of yoga on these systems, proper joint coupling, sprains and strains, as well as the main chakras and nadis.
    • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics: History of yoga including the vedas and yoga sutras, 4 paths of yoga, 8 limbs of yoga, ethics of yoga teachers, self-inquiry and contemporary yoga.
    • Practicum: Experience teaching and assisting yoga classes, as well as providing/receiving feedback.

    Main Teachers
    The primary teacher is Krista Harrison. Anatomy will be taught by Sheri Rink and the Yin module will be taught by Lesley Robinson.

    Training Schedule


    Contact us for more information
    If you are interested in our future YTT program, please send an email to info@thatyogaplace.ca. Namaste.

    “I entered the YTT program with very little yoga knowledge or experience, insecure and afraid. The YTT program has given me more than just the tools to be an instructor but also ignited a fire inside of me, a hunger to apply yoga off the mat and inviting the yoga lifestyle and beliefs into all other areas of my life. The YTT program empowerd me and lit the way to further personal and professional study. Thank you, That Yoga Place for supporting me through the YTT progam and much more.” Ashley Koch

     “If you are thinking about taking your 200 hour teacher training, don’t think, DO IT! You will not be disappointed.” Amanda Fibke

    “The instructors have such passion and conviction in their own yogic path the student  is drawn to them with a powerful magnetism and is very inspired to pursue their own path.” Dennis Harker