Workshop Leaders

  • Ricky Brennan

    IMAG0817In the book Yoga Mala, in the forward by Eddie Stern it is said that Pattabhi Jois was fond of quoting chapter 6, verse 44 of the Bhagavad Gita, in which Krishna proclaims that one comes to yoga in his life only by having practiced it in a previous life and is pulled toward it against one’s will, as toward a magnet. It is this type of pull that must have led Jois to attend a lecture-demonstration a friend told him was being given. Pattabhi Jois was the founder of Ashtanga yoga.

    Now I am no Pattabhi Jois, but my story of yoga started similarly. In Calgary, a friend asked me to attend a yoga class with her. I said, “yes.” It’s that simple. I believe yoga finds you in the time of your life that you need it the most. That may not make sense today, but eventually it might. I was going down a road of injury, deterioration, degeneration and pain from physical labour. I was a bit of a workaholic and was lacking real purpose in life. Yoga really changed all of that for me.

    I’ve taught and practiced yoga for more then a decade. I’m trained in Bikram’s, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. I have more then five years experience in Advanced Hatha Yoga, often known as the classic 84 Hatha Yoga Asanas. I’m an absolute yoga die hard. Yoga will always be in my life, no matter how it changes as I age. I really aim in my classes to inspire others to commit to a consistent yoga practice. There will be ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but see it through. Welcome the challenging classes, you learn a lot about yourself and your true potential in those classes. Appreciate the classes where flexibility, strength, breath, banda, and focus come easy. You really will get both. It’s a true balance, yin and yang, up and down, good and bad. The hard classes make the easier classes possible and vice versa.

  • Krista Harrison, E-RYT

    IMG_0101I began practicing yoga over 10 years ago and embraced yoga teacher training in 2007 to learn how the body, mind and spirit benefit from integrating yoga as a lifestyle. Through regular practice on the mat, along with meditation and breathing techniques, I have observed a fundamental shift toward clearer perception and overall well-being.

    It was in March 2012 that I began to manage That Yoga Place under director Sheri Rink. It has been my pleasure ever since to be a part of such a rich and compassionate yoga community. I have since taken a further 200 hours of training in Ashtanga yoga, 50 hours in yin, as well as training in restorative and pre-natal. My interest in yoga and its various styles and forms of application is quenchless. I have gone on to develop a 200 hour yoga teacher training program now offered at That Yoga Place, as well as workshops on everything from restorative practice to bandhas to arm balances to meditation.

    I am a deep student of yoga first and foremost. I practice first and teach second. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to practice alongside and to teach the students who come seeking the benefits of yoga. I am grateful for the connection we already have, and for how, through yoga, that connection might grow. I am grateful for the opportunity to share the experience of yoga with you.

    Saturday, August 12th: Embodying The Asanas
    Saturday, November 18th: Embodying The Asanas

  • Connie McNeice


    My yoga story began while pregnant with my first child when I decided to take my first yoga class. I had built up a strong home practice through the use of many library books and DVD’s. I lived out of town and getting to studio was hard. My first teacher training took place in 2012 with Mamata Prenatal Yoga with my original yoga teacher, almost five years later, with Clare Newman.

    Prenatal Yoga teacher training led to my next 200 HR teacher training and now Yin Yoga, Vinyasa for Youth training and I am still looking forward to more. I have been teaching just over a year now with no plans of slowing down. Looking to offer a variety of yoga styles in order to inspire others to take up a practice no matter how limited their physical mobility is. I believe there is a yoga practice out there for everyone and only hope that I am part of the journey that helps you find it.

  • Mandy McPherson


    I am a yoga teacher, mother of two, a wife and I love the sun, sea, and sand. There is a quote I adore:

    “The CURE for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

    In my life all things in that quote are true. I am humbled each time I step onto my mat, I am at home when the ocean is within sight and when they are needed, tears cleanse the soul.

    I started my own yoga practice about 6 years ago. I approached yoga from a purely physical aspect, though that didn’t last long.  Soon, the breath became more important than the asanas. Then I found the healing that yoga brings making its way into all areas of my life. I fell deeply, madly, and profoundly in love.  In love with myself, with my practice and with the sense of rightness in my life.  I had practiced Hatha, Akhanda, Hot Yoga, Moksha, Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles. Just when I needed it most (in hindsight) I decided to take a teacher training.  I am a certified Akhanda Yoga Teacher with a 200 hour certificate. This form of yoga originated from Yogi Vishviketu in Rishikesh, India. I had the honour of being taught by him in 2012. From there I just kept learning. Taking many different workshops and classes from a variety of wonderful teachers from all over the world. Then I took an Ashtanga Yoga workshop and fell head over heels. This led me to my teacher, Melissa Wasserfall; a direct student of Sri K. Pattahbi Jois, whom taught me through my next level (500 hour) of certification.

    I spend much of my time teaching in the studio and travelling around this beautiful world. I have recently started a company to bring those two things together. Travelling Yogi Retreats offers weekend and weeklong yoga vacations. Ask me about them!

    The best yoga teachers have a wonderful and trusted teacher, who in turn have an even more amazing teacher. We can only teach what we know and I am on a constant search of higher learning. I will share it all with you in a humble but humorous, intent but subtle, challenging but accessible kind of way. Namaste.

    Friday, July 28th: Sequencing Strategies

    Saturday, July 29thHips & Hoops

    Saturday, September 30th: Yoga In The Dark
    Saturday, December 2nd: Yoga In The Dark

    Saturday, August 19th: Restorative Yoga Class
    Saturday, September 16th:  Restorative Yoga Class
    Saturday, October 7th:  Restorative Yoga Class
    Saturday, November 25th:  Restorative Yoga Class
    Saturday, December23rd:  Restorative Yoga Class

    Saturday, November 25th: Quest For Headstand


  • Deanne Miketon

    I am a lover of yoga, travel, adventure, running, Wonder Woman, the mountains and the ocean. I am a yoga teacher, Realtor, mother of 3 and wife. I love excitement and thrive on adventure! I started my yoga journey 4 years ago. My intentions were purely physical, I sought out yoga to enhance my running, challenge my body, and diversify my fitness options. It didn’t take long for it to become so much more. In my practice I was strong, safe, confident, supported. I fell head over heels in love with my practice. I took many workshops, and attended retreats. I explored many different styles including bikram, ashtanga, vinyasa, hatha, power, yin and restorative in both warm, hot and regular temperature rooms. During a 5 week stay in Mexico with my family, I made my practice a daily priority, and quickly saw growth in both my asanas and deep within. I decided to take teacher training, and registered for my 200 hour certification. It was an amazing experience that has taught me more than I could ever describe. Looking back, I’m learning that yoga is, and has been what I need it to be at the time. Whether I’ve known it or not. For those of you looking to enhance and challenge your physical body, I assure you, you’ll find that here! I also know the value of balance, and the contentment in being present. All of that being said; my biggest goal is to give to my students, colleagues, peers, and fellow yogis the same gift I’ve received in this journey. I endeavor to provide a space in the universe that manifests safety, hope, strength, peace, love, humility, humbleness, guidance, being present, acceptance, solitude, and everything else that you need. Namaste.

    “The cure for anything is salt water. Sweat, tears or the sea.” – Isak Dinesen

    Saturday September 23: Learn To Fly

  • Lesley Robinson

    I was a dancer all through my adolescent years, later becoming a fitness instructor and have been for many, many years. Yoga became a part of my life as an occasional practitioner. In recent years I completed my teacher training and have finally found what is the most rewarding endeavor I have ever encountered. I have always been physically active, but never have I found anything as fulfilling, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I want to bring this practice to as many people as possible so they can reap the benefits as I have.

    Saturday, September 16th: Intro To Yoga

  • Brandon Jacobs

    1017427_574432172652711_1440394655_n“There is nothing noble about being superior to someone else. The true nobility is in being superior to your previous self.”

    I have had quite the ride since graduating University in 2004.  I have a vast and far-reaching background. I hold a Bachelor of Education (Physical Education/Health Education) as well as a Bachelor of Physical Education. After receiving these degrees, I taught in the education system for four years. In 2008 I chose to pursue a career in health and healing. I hold additional advanced certifications in Yin and Rocket Yoga, and work as a registered massage therapist and personal trainer.

    I know first-hand that yoga strips you to your core. I acknowledge yoga as a practice of building a deep and unwavering relationship with your Self. I see pure potential, beauty, grace, integrity, and wholeness in all students. I do my absolute best to offer the safe space and gentle encouragement for my students to try what may seem impossible. I too am doing the work. I often remind students that through diligent, intelligent, precise and mindful work the practice of yoga can become “the beginning of anything you want.”

    I have co-facilitated two international retreats. One to rural Nicaragua and one to Corfu, Greece. I have additional retreats in development for 2016 (one in Bucerias, Mexico in April. I have helped to develop and lead a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Curriculum, with another in production. In 2016 I will finish my 500-hour yoga training certification as well as my Moksha Yoga training. I am also proudly an Ambassador for the company Funky Yoga, based out of California

    My biggest hope is that I may be able to share the gift of yoga with you so that you can find the highest version of your Self.  Yoga is where I feel most authentic. Thank you for trusting me with your practice.

    Currently you can find me at Moksha Sherwood Park, Lion’s Breath Yoga, Bliss YogaSpa, and Koa Hot Yoga. You can also catch me around the city and in locations around Southern Alberta and BC running workshops, and for more information, at Brandon Jacobs Yoga on Facebook.

  • Heather Gazley

    20141016_082624I have learned that the practice of yoga is far more than a work out – it is a work in. The effects of yoga are subtle in that they arrive quietly on a molecular level. Perhaps the most profound concept that I have learned is that yoga allows us to begin the process of becoming and staying “real”. In my experience, being real is perhaps the greatest challenge that we will face. To step into ourselves we need to accept that we are inherently more than enough – imperfectly perfect. The individual poses, or asana, reinforce this idea as the function of a posture is far more important than the aesthetics. The purpose of the practice is not necessarily to become better. Instead, the purpose may be to un-become all of the things that we aren’t meant to be. At the beginning, in order to understand, we make sense of yoga in terms of the physical benefits. After some time, it is impossible to avoid the reality that yoga strips you to your very core. All of the veils, stories, masks, labels and mistruths are shed to expose genuine beauty. Essence. You.
    I have learned that this journey may not make sense to anyone else. Yoga affirms that we are consciously creative beings who have the opportunity in every moment to choose to be all that we are capable of being. That is not to say that any of this is easy – the process of becoming our most authentic self demands that we have a voracious love for trusting the unknown. It demands that we dedicate ourselves to the peaks and valleys of transformation and growth. It demands courage. Balance. Acceptance. And – unconditional love for the self.

    As a yoga teacher, my commitment is to “stand guard at the gate of selfhood, warding off whatever insults [my students’] integrity [and] welcoming whatever affirms it” (Palmer). I hope to guide students along their unique journey of re-remembering, re-discovering and re-connecting with their most authentic self.  I strive to create accessible practices that encourage students of all levels to be precise, diligent and mindful. At the same time, I offer challenging transitions and creative sequencing to motivate students to practice at their edge, as I believe that the precipice of most experiences creates the opportunity for change.

    I completed my Bachelor of Education in 2011 through the University of Alberta. I currently work as a Program Assistant specializing in curriculum and assessment development for the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). I am certified as a 200-Hr RYT (registered yoga teacher) in Foundational Vinyasa and have an additional 30-Hr Yin certification. Beginning in the Fall of 2015, I will be returning to post-secondary studies to pursue a diploma from Grant MacEwan University in Acupuncture.

  • Amethyst Ward

    armbalanceAfter attending my first yoga class in 2009, I was immediately in love with it. I always knew I wanted to do something that I loved, and I found it. It was only a few months later that I was on my way to India to do my 500 Hour Sivananda Yoga teacher training.

    Through teaching and practicing yoga I have learned so much, it has changed my life in countless ways. I would have to say that the biggest gift yoga has given me is courage. Courage in my own practice, courage in my life, and the courage to teach. I attend classes every chance I get, there’s always more to learn and more fun to be had.

    In 2013 I discovered Acro Yoga. It began after seeing some poses online followed by goofing around with my friends to try to get into these poses. A lot of it looked pretty simple, but without knowing the proper way to get there, was actually quite difficult! So I looked around and found a local class that my friend and I would go every Monday that we could!

    We seemed to learn quite quickly and had so much fun in the process! There is something so special about working together that makes Acro Yoga so unique compared to any other style of yoga I’ve tried. I eventually took an amazing Acro Yoga teacher training with Acro-muse, and am now having a blast teaching many classes and workshops.

  • Brea Johnson

    Brea-1Brea Johnson has been a yoga teacher and movement educator for well over a decade. With a love for learning and studying the human body she continues her on-going education in yoga, anatomy and biomechanics and is also a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist™ with biomechanic scientist, Katy Bowman. As a teacher and mentor, Brea leads numerous workshops, teacher trainings and retreats along with a private practice helping clients move and feel better. She is known for her warm and engaging teaching style providing a safe foundation of healthy movement while remaining focused in the heart of the yogic teachings. As the popularity of yoga increases along with yoga-related injuries, this approach has made her a much sought-after teacher in the wellness and yoga community.


  • Kelsey Waddell

    KelseyKelsey Waddell has been teaching yoga and fitness training full time since 2010.  After completing her BCom, she followed her passion in health and wellness.  Kelsey is a certified personal fitness trainer, yoga instructor and Acro-Yoga teacher trainer. Finding a balance between playfulness and discipline through physical pursuits. Fuelled by adventure, it has continued to take her up mountains and down trails. She has experience leading groups of people down the path of fitness.  Kelsey helps students discover a new sense of balance, strength and focus in whatever their form of practice it might be.