• Yoga Fundamentals – April 21st

    Are you new to yoga? Looking to further your knowledge of common poses? Tweak your technique? This workshop is great for all levels, even if you’ve never practiced before. Deanne will break down common poses and sequences. Together you will go over sun salutations, warrior series, pranayama (breathing) techniques and more! All students will receive a manual, with pictures to take home.

    Saturday April 21st, 2018
    $40 + GST 
    with Deanne Miketon
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

  • Meditation – April 21st

    Regular class passes accepted!

    In the last century, science has proven the brain is elastic and therefore able to be trained and molded. This idea, however, is far from being a revelation. Buddhist monks and serious yoga practitioners did not require science to prove what they have been practicing and benefiting from for thousands of years. The enormously powerful skill of meditation was not cultivated to be underutilized in the simple management of stress and relaxation. It was practiced and perfected to gain deep insight into the workings of the mind and into the nature of perception and reality.
    In order to understand how to establish an effective practice, we will spend a small amount of time on the methodology. However, the majority of time will be spent in practice as it is here where meditation has the power to transform our lives.

    Saturday, April 21st, 2018
    Saturday, May 12th, 2018
    Saturday, June 16th, 2018
    with Sheri Rink 
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

  • Acro for Beginners – April 22nd

    Looking to try something new and exciting? Acroyoga is a unique style of yoga that blends yoga, acrobatics and therapeutics. It requires two or more people working together to create fun and beautiful poses. Working with a partner, or in groups cultivates trust, playfulness and connection.

    Join Amethyst for this 2 hour workshop to explore fun partner excercises and beginner acroyoga poses. You will get the chance to experience the roles of base, flyer and spotter. Sign up as a group, couple or single and we will partner you up.

    Sunday, April 22nd 2018
    $40 + GST 
    with Amethyst Ward
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

  • Green Cleaning – April 25th

    Learn about green cleaning and how to decrease the toxins in your home by replacing regular household cleaners with chemical-free solutions.  Discover which essential oils work best for cleaning and then make your own cleaners to take home.  The cost is $50 to cover materials and each person will be going home with 5 cleaners and the recipes needed to make more.

    Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
    with Lauren Sonnenberg
    :15 – 8:15pm

    $50 + GST 
    Please call 780.960.0868 to register!
    Deadline for registration is April 18th, only 7 spots available! 

  • The Finesse of Floating – May 5th


    Within so many of us exists an insatiable desire to defy the seemingly impossible. The illuminating and revivifying experience of integrating arm balances and inversions into practice encourages practitioners to work with fear to nurture the inner drive to become that which we truly are; to arrive at one’s full potential. At the peak of any arm balance or inversion exists a fleeting moment of quintessential perfection where the balance between falling in and falling out the posture becomes the balance between strength and letting go.

    This two-hour workshop is intended to guide practitioners through a series of creatively and intelligently sequenced progressive postures to cultivate the physical engagement necessary for balancing and inverting. Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley will review and demonstrate chatarunga as a foundational posture. A series of individual and partner drills will guide practitioners to functionally engage the core and experience portions of floating and balancing. Functional alignment cues relating to the concept of Straight Arm Scapula Strength (SASS) will help practitioners create space along the front of the body to free the heart from physical and emotional trepidation.

    The art of floating demands dedicated precision, mindfulness and grace. Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley are extremely passionate this workshop as it deconstructs the diligent and mindful work required to begin integrating the art of floating in your practice. Join them as they support you in cultivating strength and reciprocal lightness that enables you to experience the finesse of floating.

    ***This workshop is accessible to practitioners of all levels***

    Saturday, May 5th 2018
    2:00 – 4:00pm
    $40 + GST per person
    with Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot.

  • Hanna Somatics – May 6th

    Do you suffer from:

    *neck & shoulder pain
    *lower back pain
    *muscular pain & tension
    *aches & pains of aging

    Hanna Somatic Education is scientifically-based sensory motor training that teaches you how to restore full nervous system control of both muscles & movement. Join Nikki for this informative & interactive workshop and learn safe, gentle and naturally occurring movement sequences to release tension and pain. Please wear loose clothing, and bring a yoga mat or blanket. This workshop is appropriate for all age groups and all activity levels.

    Sunday, May 6th, 2018
    with Nikki Semeniuk

    $25+ GST
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot – limited space!

  • Family Yoga – May 6th

    A yoga workshop for the whole family to enjoy. This class will explore sun salutations, standing poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques. With partner poses and other fun interactive yoga activities, it is an opportunity to bond with your family on a Sunday afternoon!  Recommended for ages 4 and up.

    Sunday, May 6th, 2018

    $12.50 + GST
    with Marge Rodgers
    Please call 780.960.0868 to register!


  • Mother’s Day Partner Yoga – May 13th

    MJoin a fellow mama for a fun and relaxing practice, connecting with a deserving mom! This class will focus on the playfulness of a partnered class, the connection between you and the lucky mom as well as offering her a supported savanasa/relaxation complete with optional aromatherapy. This class will be 90 minutes in a warm room and is suitable for ages 12+.

    Sunday, May 13th, 3:30-5:00pm
    $20 + GST per person
    with Mandy McPherson
    Call 780.960.0868 to register!

  • 200 Hour YTT Q & A – May 19th

    Join Mandy McPherson, our Lead Teacher for a yoga class, a cup of tea and a chat! If you’ve already registered or are thinking about choosing the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training as your certification program, come and meet others and get your questions answered. Whether it is enquiring about the course content, wanting to meet your lead teacher or wondering if this course is right for you, sign up today so we can make sure that we have tea and treats for everyone!

    4:00-6:00 pm on Saturday, May 19th!

  • Restorative Yoga Class – May 19th

    Regular class passes now accepted! 

    This is a gentle, extremely relaxing class designed to calm, soothe and support the body and mind. With the use of props, poses will be moved into and held for 5-10 minutes, allowing the body to soften and ease stiffness from the joints and muscles in a completely supported way. The class is great for relieving stress and tension and will restore you to a deeply calm and relaxed state when you leave.

    Saturday, May 19th, 2018
    Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

    Call 780.960.0868 – space is limited.

  • Ayurveda & Asana – June 2nd

    Seasonal Wisdom from a yogi for a yogi

    Ayurveda, is the knowledge of Life. Through Ayurveda we learn how to live our life in accordance with the elements and listen to our daily and seasonal biological rhythms. This course will provide information and material on the general principles of Ayurveda. Exploring the 5 elements, doshas, the influence of seasons and geographic location. It will shine the light on how to cook for your dosha or your “elemental makeup” to improve your diet and nutrition. Daria will close off the course with a seasonal flow asana practice to balance out the elemental influences of the season and stay connected to our internal energetic body.

    Saturday, June 2nd 2018
    $45 + GST
    with Daria Kilburn
    Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

  • Intro to Yoga – June 16th

    Sometimes fear of the unknown stops us from experiencing great things in our lives. Coming to that first yoga class can be intimidating. We will discuss what to wear, how much or what to eat before class, terminology (such as engage your bandhas, rooting down, wrapping shoulders.) Some very basic anatomy will also be covered. We will discuss and learn how to use props and how to modify postures. The workshop will finish off with a very simple practice, with common postures and Sun Salutations. Also learn about the huge benefits to a regular practice!

    Saturday, June 16th, 2018
    with Lesley Robinson
    2:00 – 4:30pm

    $45 + GST
    Please call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

  • Summer Solstice: 108 Sun Salutations – June 23rd

    108 Sun Salutations are often practiced at the beginning of a new season or to mark a new beginning. This practice is designed to detoxify your body, clear your mind and strengthen you inside and out. It is noticed as a “magical” number almost every eastern religion and country. 108 Sun Salutations is also often done to signify change and to create unity or a common intention. Join me in celebrating the Summer Solstice in an active, nurturing and uplifting way. Learn fun variations to Sun Salutations A & B and end this invigorating practice with a mental clearing and guided meditation. Register today and share with others!

    Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

    with Mandy McPherson
    $20.00 + GST
    Please pre-register to reserve your spot! Call 780.960.0868