Healthy Spine,Happy Life – May 11th


The mobility of our spine directly correlates with our ability to produce endorphins and feel ecstatic and happy beyond measurement. To learn how to work towards longevity and to keep and maybe increase your range of spinal flexion and extension – you would want to be part of this workshop. Daria will take you on a quest towards understanding your spine’s range of motion, to explore limitation and openness within the soft tissue of the body and our skeletal structure. You will be surprised about your ability to work into the deeper holds in yoga such as Urdhva Danurasana, Ustrasana and maybe even Kapotasana. This workshop will teach you correct alignment and thus is suitable for all levels of yoga students from beginners to advanced.


Saturday, May 11th
6:30pm – 8:30pm

$40 + GST per person
with Daria Kilburn 
Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot.

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