Jay McMahon

Namaste, my name is Jay McMahon. I am a practitioner of all types of yoga and am a 500 hour Certified Yoga Therapist. My yoga practice began with a Rodney Yee beginner VHS tape 15 years ago. As most journeys go there were ups and downs at times yoga was replaced with powerlifting, weight lifting, and Jui Jitsu but in my heart, I knew that yoga was where I needed to be. After a series of sports-related injuries, I decided to focus all my attention on yoga as a way to heal and strengthen my foundation. During the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on my mat, I found contentment, curiosity, and courage. I also discovered a desire to learn as much as I could about the yoga lifestyle. At the time I didn’t realize how yoga would help my anxiety and depression and help me discover my Atma.  The Atma is the inner self or soul. I don’t just practice yoga asanas, I feel the yoga in my body, my soul and my mind. Yoga is a moving meditation and with the movement comes breath, life is breath and with the breath comes a calm mind. And while you’re doing all this, your strengthing your body in an incredibly efficient way. I teach my classes hoping to help people feel the way yoga has helped me feel.