Kristeen Britton

Yoga called to me for years.  Each time I would hear about people who were not just doing yoga, but living yoga, I would think, “one day that will be me”.  Even when my first yoga experiences were casual and anything but life changing, I still felt like one day I would “get it”.  There wasn’t a single incident that turned the page for me, but over time I began to feel like yoga was sinking into me.  It felt good to do the asanas and when I read about the other seven limbs, I felt compelled to learn more.  Fairly early in my asana practice I began to dream of becoming a yoga instructor, but with three young children at home, it seemed like a far off dream.  When I heard about the Yoga Teacher Training program at That Yoga Place, I signed up immediately and I’m proud to have been a graduate of the inaugural class!  My past life as a high school teacher melted into my new challenge of teaching yoga.  I love the never ending journey that yoga has become for me.  I know it will always be a part of my life and now I’m lucky enough to be able to share it.  I hope that when you attend my classes you will feel my passion for this beautiful practice.  Maybe it will call to you, too!