Kristen Penner

I am a daughter, sister, wife and mother. I have 2 beautiful children, one fur child and a love for life and all of its journeys. I love to see people smile, grow, change and discover! I am passionate about yoga, friends, family, nutrition, nature, skiing, a good book, and finding ways to challenge my body.

My love for yoga began to blossom a few years back. I was looking to find a deeper connection within myself. My practice quickly deepened. After some time, I began to feel the benefits and grow profoundly in many aspects of my life. My entire world began to shift as I fell deeply in love with my own practice and noticed growth and balance in many areas of my life.

I began to feel a very strong urge to share the practice of yoga with others, and made the decision to take my 200hr yoga teacher training. I am now very excited to share what I know with others in hopes of helping other people find the many benefits of yoga. My mission as a teacher is to give others the opportunity to grow, find balance, build strength and feel the gift of life in every breath and in every moment.