Morianna Black

My yoga practice began 3 years ago when my best friend convinced me to join her in a 6:00 am hot yoga class. I was very apprehensive at first and actually thought she was a little crazy but as soon as I stepped into the room I was in love. Yoga started out first as a physical practice for me where I didn’t think too much about the mental and spiritual side to it – all I knew was that I loved the way I felt during class. As my practice deepened, I noticed that my yoga came off the mat and into my life with me. I noticed myself becoming calmer and able to move through my day less affected by the difficulties of life. Yoga has changed me in so many ways and has affected how I view myself, the world, and it has affected the relationships I have with others. I look forward to sharing my practice with you and to help you find your practice on and off the mat.