My Healing Journey Through Chakras March 22nd -November 29th

My Healing Journey through the Chakras:
Come on this journey with me for a series of 7 sessions and develop a great understanding of the concept of HEALING through reconnecting with your own energy that works on different levels and though main bundles or energy hubs that are called Chakras. During each session (2hrs) we will dive deep into the meaning of each chakra and shine the light on it through the practices of yoga, meditation, journaling, crystal healing, acupressure and aromatherapy.
Be ready to work from inside out and heal your heart, your soul and your body. In India the Chakra system is
believed to be carrying the vital force of life and when it is out of balance or chakras are locked it can manifest
physical and emotional symptoms in us and make us unbalanced and unwell.
In this course you will learn how to work and activate each of your 7 chakras to create your personal balance on a physical and emotional level.
Complimentary to signing up for ALL the 7 sessions, you will receive a chakra balancing bracelet. Course material and handouts will be provided.What to Bring:
Water bottle and/or traveling mug for tea (we will have a selection of herbal teas available to you),
yoga mat or meditation cushion, comfortable clothing, journal and a pen to take down notes.
7 Week Series with Daria 
March 22, April 26, May 24, June 14, September 27th,
October 25th & November 29th, 2020 
All 7 Classes – $375.00+gst includes a chakra bracelet
Single Session – $55.00+gst