Pierina Fadi

I was brought to my first Hatha yoga class many years ago (initially for lower back pain) and quickly realized the many benefits that it provided the mind, body and spirit connection.  I was hooked ever since! At that point I realized that my life path was leading me to become a yoga teacher. (After completing a Bachelors of Education, I never felt ‘quite right’ with what the education system provided students and felt that there was something missing in the curriculum that did not encourage the mind, body and spirit connection). My passion for philosophy and spirituality lead me to write a thesis called Education For Connection; Beyond Linear Learning and I earned a Masters Degree from McGill university in 2003. After graduating from the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training program in 2004, I realized that teaching yoga was a way of expressing myself “thesis in action”. Since then, I have studied with a few highly accredited teachers including John Friend, Judith Lasater, David Life, Michael Stone, and Frank Boccio and many others. With my passion for learning and teaching, I went on to complete Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 and Yin yoga in 2007, and studied Anusara Yoga from 2012-13. I also became interested in the more subtle forms of the yoga practice by completing Yin level 2 in 2015, and Yoga Nidra (know as Yoga of Divine sleep) level 1 & 2 in winter of 2016.

My classes integrate my knowledge of Hatha, Yin, Pranayama and Yoga Nida, with the essential knowledge of the yoga practice.  I focus on integrity of alignment, and the ability to move smoothly with breath.I love teaching yoga and truly feel honored to guide students in their own yoga practice.