Prenatal Workshop – December 1st

Partnered Yoga getting ready for baby: Connecting birth partners through pregnancy, labor & delivery

This workshop will help strengthen the bond between birth partners and the baby to be. Partners will learn different ways to assist loved ones with hands-on comfort measures ideal for labor and delivery. We will explore elements of prenatal partner yoga, prenatal partner Thai massage, and breathing techniques to deepen relaxation and connection throughout pregnancy and the birthing process.  Come and join other soon-to-be-moms and their partners and reap all the benefits that Prenatal yoga has to offer.

It is preferred that the mom to be is further along in her pregnancy for this workshop (late second trimester to due date) so that the tools you gain in this workshop stay fresh in your mind and can be recalled easily when the time comes!
Together we can help to eliminate the fear that surrounds the birthing process, replacing it with calm confidence – surrendering with love & trust, that this process will unfold exactly as it’s intended to.

Reminder** Shantelle would like the participants to bring a birth ball (exercise ball) with them to this workshop. 1 per couple is perfect.


Sunday, December 1st, 2019 
$50 + GST per couple or $25 +GST for just mama 
with Shantelle Durocher 
Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot.