Rocket Yoga Class with Josh – November 3rd

Rocket Yoga was created by the late Larry Schultz in 1980. It is based out of the Ashtanga practice and combines the many series of ashtanga into a sequence that can be done by anyone and everyone.  Larry was not a fan of the restrictive aspects of Ashtanga, where you had to be able to complete the primary series to go onto intermediate series poses. In turn, he created “The Rocket” which combined the first, second and third series of Ashtanga, slightly changing the order for optimal strength and mobility as the practice moves into postures that require more depth.

Rocket Yoga is a practice designed to quickly create heat in the body to help the body open and create space as we move through the postures. However, with the intelligent sequencing of Rocket Yoga, not only are we creating length, but there are many components to help build strength within the body for any level or ability.  Rocket Yoga strives to create a balance within the body between the strength and mobility.  Rocket is made up of three sequences, each one keying in on different aspects of the practice.

Unlike Ashtanga, the practitioner is not required to master the postures or sequences in any subsequent order, rather, the practice encourages anyone, of all abilities just to show up.In these Rocket-pop up classes, you will see some of my favourite aspects of the practice.  We do everything from flow to workshop a few poses and transitions.  You can expect to get a bit sweaty, to find a challenge, and to have some fun.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018
with Josh Schofield
7:30 – 9:00pm

$25 + GST
Please call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot!

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