• My Yoga Story


    by Eric Miller

    A year and a half ago I never thought that I would love yoga, but I do and here is how it happened….

    I have been a runner for some time and almost two years ago I decided I would start training for my first marathon and about three months into training I ended up with my first injury, IT Band Syndrome. I had heard about it but I didn’t really know what it was, but there I was, going to physiotherapy and rehabbing. My recovery wasn’t happening as fast I wanted and I was looking for anything that would help, as I was still determined that I was going to run my marathon. I had friends who loved yoga and told me I should try it but I wasn’t convinced. I finally asked my physiotherapist if it would help and he said it definitely would, I then asked why he hadn’t suggested it, and he simply replied that most men get all “weird” when he suggested yoga, so he had stopped mentioning it to male clients.

    I arrived at That Yoga Place and purchased a 30-day pass, rented a mat and a towel and took my first yoga class. I immediately loved it and came to yoga every day for the next week, even coming twice one day. I felt myself getting stronger, and my running was improving almost daily. I told my coach and physiotherapist I was going to be able to run my marathon on schedule but they convinced me to run a half marathon instead, I had an incredible race and felt stronger at the end than the beginning. I continued to train and do yoga regularly and ran another half marathon a couple months later and took 8 and half minutes off my previous time. I was really happy with the results and I would now do my first full marathon a couple months later and thanks to training and yoga it was incredible and one of the best days of my life. The story doesn’t end there however.

    I started training for my next marathon a couple months later, and, feeling invincible, found less time for yoga. My race started out great but around the 32 kilometre mark, I crashed, my core strength was gone. I finished but I had a miserable last ten kilometres. Realizing my mistake I made yoga a regular and integral part of my training for my next races and most recent marathon. This marathon was markedly better but I ended up with a strained Achilles tendon about a month before that I ran the race with, knowing I would have to rehab it after the race, which brings us up to the present day. I have been a really good physio patient and an even better yoga student doing both regularly and my Achilles is almost 100%.

    To celebrate my recovery I decided to do my own yoga challenge and complete 10 classes in a one week period which turned out to be a little more difficult than I had planned on it being, but so worth it. The instructors at That Yoga Place are wonderful and all took an interest in my challenge, so thank you to all of them and the rest of the staff for making this  such a great experience, not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.



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