The Studio

That Yoga Place is dedicated to providing a warm and inviting space for you to begin, enjoy and deepen every aspect of your yoga practice.We offer a full range of daily drop-in hot and warm classes. Our hot classes include Hot Flow, Hot Flow Level 2, Sunrise Yoga, Hot Yin and Yoga for Strength. If you are looking for a warm class we offer Warm Gentle, Warm Flow, Candlelight Yoga and Candlelight Yin. In addition to our drop-in classes, we offer a number of pre-registered sessions including pre- and post-natal, children’s and youth yoga.

Workshops are wonderful experiences which allow one to explore on a deeper level. That Yoga Place offers a multitude of interesting workshops on a variety of topics that lend themselves to a richer practice and a richer life.

Our experienced teachers are here to guide with knowledge and acceptance through classes that will challenge and inspire you!

Come and join us as we relax, recharge and revitalize – enjoy the benefits of yoga on every level. Namaste!