The Finesse of Floating – May 5th


Within so many of us exists an insatiable desire to defy the seemingly impossible. The illuminating and revivifying experience of integrating arm balances and inversions into practice encourages practitioners to work with fear to nurture the inner drive to become that which we truly are; to arrive at one’s full potential. At the peak of any arm balance or inversion exists a fleeting moment of quintessential perfection where the balance between falling in and falling out the posture becomes the balance between strength and letting go.

This two-hour workshop is intended to guide practitioners through a series of creatively and intelligently sequenced progressive postures to cultivate the physical engagement necessary for balancing and inverting. Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley will review and demonstrate chatarunga as a foundational posture. A series of individual and partner drills will guide practitioners to functionally engage the core and experience portions of floating and balancing. Functional alignment cues relating to the concept of Straight Arm Scapula Strength (SASS) will help practitioners create space along the front of the body to free the heart from physical and emotional trepidation.

The art of floating demands dedicated precision, mindfulness and grace. Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley are extremely passionate this workshop as it deconstructs the diligent and mindful work required to begin integrating the art of floating in your practice. Join them as they support you in cultivating strength and reciprocal lightness that enables you to experience the finesse of floating.

***This workshop is accessible to practitioners of all levels***

Saturday, May 5th 2018
2:00 – 4:00pm
$40 + GST per person
with Brandon Jacobs and Heather Gazley
Call 780.960.0868 to reserve your spot.

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